Monday, 14 March 2011

How to build a Dog House

Building a Dog House

Dog Kennel Plans

Making a house for your beloved dog/mutt would turn out to be one of the best investments you'll ever make. Not only will you have a far more attractive place for your dog to stay, you can feel proud in the knowledge that you built your best friends home with your own two hands.Also, building your own dog house just makes economical sense. You can build a dog house for just a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-built one. Most pre-built dog house you buy need to be assembled anyway, you’re really just paying hugely inflated prices for the material.

With the assistance of amy professional architect friend , I’ve created some easy to follow plans to building your own dog house. It doesn’t matter if your a master carpenter or a total beginner, If you require a big or small dog house, or if you have a small or big budget.What makes these plans so superior is that they are fully insulated. Most pre-built dog houses you purchase from the shop aren't insulated, so there is absolutely nothing protecting your beloved dog from those hot summers and cold winters!

Dog Kennel Plans

Some of the things that will/should come into consideration are as follows :

1. size of the house compared to size of the dog

2. ventilation

3. making it safe from the elements eg.... excessive wind and rain

4. making it friendly to your dog's health ..... not using harmful paints and materials

I’ve made getting started so easy and quick that any one can do it. All you need to do visit this link and you will be directed to my website where I have made hundreds of dog owners happy with the instructions I've provided them.

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